Dear Rawlinson Road Youth Group

Dear Rawlinson Road Youth Group,

As I draw near to my last few times attending youth group at Rawlinson Road this beautiful sense of grief overcomes me. It is a bitter-sweet, laugh and cry, horribly difficult goodbye. It is a goodbye to those I love, those I have built relationships with, and those I’ve created memories with. It is hard to describe this feeling but the best way I can put it is the love of a family that has to temporarily part ways. Over these past four years with you I have grown to love the days Wednesday and Sunday. I’ve grown to love the days where we come together and dive into God’s Word, enjoy each other’s fellowship, scream with excitement, laugh, cry together, probably get too competitive in games, but overall do life together. When I look back, I can see how much we have all grown together. How we have changed yet stayed the same. The way each of us has played roles in each other’s lives. How we have grown our relationships with one another and made this wonderfully diverse in personality family that no one else can claim. When I look back over these years, I can think of all those days running down the hall during manhunt. I can remember all those times huddling in small groups. I can see all those little memories at camp and strength to stand. All those little moments in time that only lasted a second yet when gathered create the amazing picture of a family of believers that have enjoyed the time God has given them together. I think God has so richly blessed me by giving me all of you as my church family. He has given me a unique relationship with each of you and blessed me with your friendship. I just want to say thank you so much for making this such a difficult goodbye. For giving me these memories and moments, I will cherish forever. For making it so difficult to let go. But thankfully, though we might not be in person with each other, we are connected by the same Spirit. This is the same Spirit that has put us in one another’s lives and gave us this bond unbelievers don’t understand. Even through distance and time we can continue to pray and encourage one another and thank Jesus for all those tiny moments we have together. Always remember I love you and am so incredibly grateful for you.

                                                                                    Love your student and friend,

                                                                                                                   Ava Jackson

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